Whiplash Pain Treatment

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Whiplash DrawingWhiplash associated disorders, or whiplash pain, are injuries and pain caused by the excessive extension and flexing of the neck. Disorders include
damage to the bones of the neck (the cervical vertebrae). There may also be damage to the main ligaments of the neck, which result in an additional lack of stability in these bones. Approximately 50% of whiplash patients also incur damage to the joints between vertebrae, known as the facet joints. This is associated with chronic pain, and in some cases the development of a migraine-like headache.

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Treatments for Whiplash Pain are generally non-to minimally invasive and are conservative in nature.
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Causes of Whiplash Pain

Whiplash DemonstrationWhiplash is a condition commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents. It is caused by violent jolting of the neck in situations where the body is subject to rapid acceleration and/or deceleration. This might occur in a car accident, most often when one car is hit from behind by another. It is also associated with sports and recreational activities such as skiing or riding roller-coasters. Another possible cause is assault, i.e. being punched, kicked, or violently shaken. Whiplash-related injuries are associated with a significant economic and healthcare burden.

Treatment for Whiplash Pain

Treatment for whiplash may start off with physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, or acupuncture. Chiropractic therapy applied to the neck after whiplash can correct the over-extension and flexing of the neck and help relieve the pain in muscles and ligaments. This may restore at least some range of motion in the neck. Pain-relieving drugs such as non-steroid inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may also be taken in the course of whiplash recovery.