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Chronic pain is a complex condition that can inflict physical, emotional and financial stress on patients and their families. The specialists at Wake Spine & Pain have dedicated their careers to investigating the causes of pain and developing innovative ways to treat it. Our specialists will explore various pain management options, beginning with the least invasive alternative and arriving at a solution that provides the greatest amount of relief with the least amount of risk.

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Our Mission

We believe that chronic pain is treatable.

It is our mission to relieve pain so that our patients can attain more mobility and better quality of life. Pain is rarely treated effectively by any single mode of treatment alone. For that reason, we carefully evaluate, diagnose and design a patient-centric treatment plan that includes the most advanced interventional pain procedures with complementary modalities like pain psychology, acupuncture, physical therapy and massage therapy. Our unique, well-rounded approach gives patients the best results, often avoiding risky surgeries.

Our Core Values

Excellence – deliver premier quality & compassionate care with the best possible outcome—same type of care you’d want for your mom or dad.

Integrity – operate at the highest ethical standards & adhere to strict opiate compliance—protecting the patient & community at large.

Respect – treat every patient & coworker with dignity & kindness.

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