A study done in 2016 revealed that around 20.4 of US adults had chronic pain issues. Revealing how common an issue this is for people who are dealing with pain.

Chronic pain is very common and can affect people at different degrees. As everyone is going to have their own health issues and pain triggers that they have to manage.

The good thing is that there are ways to manage chronic pain. Even small habits or changes can have a big impact on how the body copes with pain.

Keep reading to find out how to alleviate chronic back pain and other kinds of pain.

Identify Triggers

Most people with chronic pain are going to have certain triggers that make the pain worse. This will be different for everyone as everyone’s body reacts differently.

These triggers could create the pin or ultimately make it worse. That is why it is important to identify triggers and try to avoid them.

Someone’s pain may be triggered by a lot of activity or by getting too little sleep. These are just some common examples of triggers that many people may have.

It can even be helpful to keep a pan journal to track symptoms and bad days. This can help to identify those triggers that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Reduce Stress

Stress is a very common problem that can make someone’s chronic pain worse. It is an emotion that often has a direct impact on the body and how it responds.

Because of this, those with pain need to keep an eye on their stress. Too much stress can easily trigger pain, making it harder to manage chronic pain symptoms.

This can be very common with different types of back pain, as stress can go right to the back. Though any form of pain can be worsened by too much stress.

Those who have chronic pain should focus on relaxation techniques to help with stress reduction. So that they can actively avoid this trigger if they have pain.


Exercising on a daily basis is something that can help a lot of chronic pain sufferers. It has the ability to reduce pain while helping people to stay active and healthy.

Natural endorphins are also produced when someone exercises, which can help to reduce pain. These endorphins promote a better mood and can help with other pain symptoms.

Such as depression or anxiety from living with daily pain. As exercise can promote better mental and physical health.

Eliminate Smoking and Alcohol

Those who want to have better chronic pain tolerance should avoid smoking and alcohol. Both of these habits could easily be triggers for more severe pain.

Alcohol can make headaches and migraines worse as well as create severe hangovers. Alcohol also tends to negatively impact sleeping patterns, which can make the pain worse.

Smoking tends to impact the circulation system, making circulatory pain issues worse. So certain types of pain can be dramatically impacted by smoking in a negative way.

Both smoking and alcohol are also unhealthy habits and will not promote good health. Especially in those trying to get healthier and feel better.

Stay Connected

Living with neck pain and different types of back pain can be difficult. Any kind of chronic pain can be hard to manage and live with.

One way to try to maintain a better life through pain is to stay connected. This is very important for those suffering from a lot of pain or other health issues.

No one wants to go through this alone, which is why a support group is so important. As friends and family can help in many different ways.

Those with severe pain may even want to join support groups with other pain sufferers. Where others will understand and can provide support when it is needed.

Have a Balance

Things like chronic back pain can make living a normal life difficult. Especially for those who have a lot of triggers and widespread pain issues in their body.

Having a balance of activity and rest is very important. As well as balancing new activities and other parts of life that can take a toll on chronic pain issues.

People should be very careful and try to listen to their body and what it is saying. It is good when we push ourselves, but there can be a limit to how far we can go.

And it is important to have a balance, and not push too hard for too long. Pain is delicate and should be approached carefully so that it can get better, not worse.

Find the Cause

Anyone who suffers from chronic pain should try to locate the cause. This is very important and can open up other possibilities for improving the pain.

Those who have neck pain may be able to find a neck pain treatment or other kinds of treatments. Things that wouldn’t be possible without the right answers about this issue.

It is important to trust professionals to help locate the cause of this long-term pain. As well as help find possible treatment options and solutions for it.

A pain center is a great place to do this for those with long-term pain issues. Especially if the cause is mysterious and no other treatment options have had an impact.

Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

Those who have chronic pain often have a hard time treating it. Especially if it is severe or has an unknown cause that is creating the pain.

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